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An Innovative Approach To Care

A "concierge" or "personal/private" physician provides many advantages over a traditional primary care or internal medicine practice. Concierge medicine is a patient centered approach to medicine and ensures the patient is the top priority.  At Sarasota Personal Medicine, the number of patients in the practice is limited to facilitate more time with each patient that is no longer possible in a conventional medical model. This additional time helps foster mutual trust and pro-active personalized management. You will pay an annual fee in exchange for more quality time with your physician, direct communication, 24/7 access and the convenience of a devoted staff to facilitate better overall care.

One of the greatest benefits of joining Sarasota Personal Medicine is the peace of mind that your personal physician is an advocate for your care.

Our physicians create and manage each patient’s plan for optimal health, providing ongoing management of chronic diseases, overseeing treatment programs, researching topics and solutions, providing plans to stay healthy and active, and coordinating with the right specialists when referrals are needed. By having a personal physician who understands your individual medical needs, you will receive the highest level of comprehensive and coordinated care.

Most importantly, at Sarasota Personal Medicine, you can be seen on the same day for an acute medical problem. We know that patient’s have unplanned urgencies or emergencies, so we have time allotted for that in our office schedule. If your problem is serious enough to require hospitalization, we will oversee your care in the hospital and serve as your attending physician throughout your hospital stay.

Your "personal" or "concierge" physician should be thought of as an integral member of your trusted team of advisors.

Your physician’s role is similar to a financial manager overseeing the health or performance of your portfolio, or a specialized attorney advocating for you through the intricate legal system. As a medical "concierge," your physician helps guide and navigate you through the constantly changing medical environment.

Concierge Benefits Include

  • Direct access by personal cell phone and email available 24/7 for patients and their families
  • Dedicated, experienced and available staff
  • Same-day or next-day appointments and unlimited office visits
  • Little or no waiting time for regularly scheduled appointments
  • House calls as needed
  • Annual Executive Physical including a wellness and preventive plan
  • Convenient in-office lab collection and testing
  • Immunizations
  • Travel Medication Services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Nutrition education and coaching
  • Coordination of local and out of state specialty care referrals
  • Inpatient hospital admission and management including daily visits and family consultations
  • Independent and assisted living support and care supervision

Schedule your initial consultation to ensure you have the care you need when you need it most.